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Faculty and Staff at The ALS Institute

Linda Bissonnette, MD, is currently working for the University' of Massachusetts in family practice medicine. Prior to becoming a physician, she worked as a full-time EMT-lntermediate in suburban and urban systems for many years and was an EMS Instructor. Dr. Bissonnette is a member of ALSI's Board of Directors. In addition to her medical interests and background, Dr. Bissonnette is an avid sportswoman.

Michael Callahan, MD, MSPH, is currently finishing his residency training at Tufts New' England Medical Center and is a staff researcher for the New England Medical Center Traveler's Clinic. Dr. Callahan is a nationally renowned speaker in Wilderness and Environmental Medicine and an avid climber and mountaineer.

Joel E. Claus, BA, NREMT-P, trained at Denver General Hospital in Colorado, is currently in Africa providing medical care at a remote construction site and doing research for New England Medical Center Traveler's Clinic. Prior to his work in Ghana, Joel worked as a Paramedic in Southern Maine and New Hampshire and has been involved in EMS since 1991. An active outdoor enthusiast, Claus is experienced in both street and wilderness medicine.

Anne Dickison, MD, a board-certified physician in Pediatrics, Intensive Care and Anesthesiology, is one of our most popular and requested instructors. Board-eligible in Emergency Medicine, she was a New York City EMT prior to becoming a Registered Nurse and physician. A Grand Canyon whitewater guide, she is an active member of the Wilderness Medical society' and Chair of the NASAR Medical Committee. Dr. Dickison is also a PALS instructor.

Wayne Fuller, NREMT-P, I/C, is a full-time Firefighter/Paramedic for Anchorage, Alaska. Prior to accepting the position with the Anchorage Fire Department, Wayne worked as a Firefighter/Paramedic for the town of Sanford, Maine. Involved in EMS since 1989, Fuller has also worked for the Northern New England Hyperbaric Medical Center and for JETMED as a flight medic.

Paul F. Giannini, NREMT-P EMSI, has been involved in EMS since 1981. A former Firefighter/Paramedic for a large urban service, Paul is currently Manager of Quality Improvement and Training for Arnerican Medical Response (AMR) in Connecticut. He is an active PHTLS, ACLS, PALS and EMS Instructor for the University of New Haven.

Thomas Groblewski, DO, NREMT-P, is a family practice physician in Maine and a physician for the FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Medical Team in Beverly, MA. Prior to going to medical school, Dr. Groblewski practiced as a paramedic in Afghanistan during their civil war. He was also Director of a hospital-based Paramedic program in Massachusetts as well as a former school teacher. Dr. Groblewski enjoys running and spending time with his wife and child.

Richard (Pokey) Low, II, BA, NREMT-P, I/C, is currently working as a Paramedic for the city and county of Hartford, CT. Involved in EMS since 1986, Pokey is a member of Mountain Rescue Association and a co-founder of SOLO's North American Rescue Institute (NARI). A full time SOLO instructor for five years, he served on the ASTM Committee on Search and Rescue. Low is also a Paramedic for the FEMA USAR Task Force MA-1 and is an active ski patroller.

Barbara McManamy, CNM, MS, is the Director for the Nurse-Midwifery' Service at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology' at Dartmouth Medical School. Caring for women since 1975, Barbara currently provides OB/GYN care to women from adolescence through menopause; teaches medical and midwifery students; provides education on OB/GYN emergency care through the Rural EMS Outreach Project; and lectures on a variety of women's health topics for schools and community groups.

Colleen Pitcher, BS, EMT has been involved in EMS since 1990. Past Assistant Director of Search and Rescue, Visitor Services and Merchandising for the Appalachian Mountain Club, she is currently the administrative director for the Advanced Life Support Institute. A past ski-patroller and current registered Maine whitewater and dog-sledding guide, she is active in wilderness medicine and EMS for Mass Gatherings.

Jonathan Politis, BA, NREMT-P, is director of Colonie EMS and founder of Synergism, Inc., a company specializing in technical rescue. Jon is a nationally renowned speaker and serves on many Boards including the JRC and the National Registry of EMTs. He is also a conference planner for JEMS EMS Today conferences. Jon is an active ski patroller, paramedic, climber and mountaineer.

Wendy Quimby, MS, NREMT-P, I/C, is a part time instructor for both the Advanced Life Support Institute and SOLO. She is currently a Firefighter/Paramedic for Conway Fire and Rescue and works part-time as a paramedic for a primary health care clinic. Prior to becoming involved in EMS, Wendy was a special education teacher and school administrator. She is active in both wilderness and urban medicine as a member of Mountain Rescue Service, a search team member for FEMA USAR Task Force MA-1, and as a local and national disaster team member for the American Red Cross.

Robert Rose, MD, is the Director of Emergency Medical Services at Memorial Hospital in North Conway, NH and also works as a physician at the Conway Walk-In Clinic. Dr. Rose is the former president of the medical staff, current NHEMS District A3 Chair, and a member of the New Hampshire EMS Medical Advisory Committee, and serves as the Advanced Life Support Institute's medical advisor. Rose is founder and president of GEOMED, a non-profit organization providing health care to developing countries.

Jennifer Semon, AA, NREMT-P, I/C, has been involved in EMS since 1992. She is currently a full-time Paramedic in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is a certified Firefighter. Prior to her move to NM, Jen served as a full-time SOLO instructor, part-time Advanced Life Support Institute instructor, and was a Firefighter/Paramedic for North Conway Fire Department. A member of Mountain Rescue Service and a wilderness guide, she is active in both street and wilderness medicine.

Kathryn Shea, BSN, CEN, NREMT, is the Director of Outpatient Services and Clinical Manager of the Emergency Department for Memorial Hospital in North Conway, NH. She is an active Firefighter/EMT with North Conway Fire Department and an EMS and TNCC Instructor.

Daniel P. Tauber, MEd., NREMT-P, involved in EMS since 1981, is currently chief Paramedic for the city and county of Hartford, Connecticut. Tauber, a former flight medic, is an active instructor for Boston Medical Education Group and the field internship supervisor for ALSI students. He is a current ACLS, PALS, and Hazardous Materials instructor, alpine ski-patroller, and a paramedic for FEMA USAR Task Force MA-1.

David M. Tauber, NREMT-P, I/C, is the Director of the Advanced Life Support Institute. Involved in EMS since 1971 and an instructor since 1977, he has worked in urban, suburban, and rural EMS. Tauber has been Director of Education and Continuous Quality Improvement for a service that averaged 180 emergency calls per day. A member of the Wilderness Medical Society's Prehospital Care Committee and the NASAR Medical Advisory Committee, Tauber serves as the NAEMT liason to the wilderness medical community. In 1993, he became the medical team leader of the FEMA USAR Task Force MA-1. Tauber is a certified instructor in ACLS, PALS, Hazardous Materials, and ICS as well as an instructor/trainer for BCLS and Outdoor Emergency Care.

Paulette D. B Tauber, AS, RN, NREMT-P, has been involved in EMS since 1982. She currently serves as a Paramedic for the city and county of Hartford, Connecticut and is a staff nurse for the State of Connecticut Department of Corrections. Tauber is an ACLS and PHTLS instructor and an instructor for the Boston Medical Education Group. She is also a National Ski Patrol Alpine Patroller.

Anthony Tomassoni, MD, is Director of the Maine Poison Control Center. A board-certified Emergency Medicine Physician and Toxicologist, he serves as Medical Team Manager of the FEMA USAR Task Force MA-1 and is a former member of the Red Cross Medical Assistance and HAZMAT Response Team. Tomassoni is currently a flight physician for University AirCare and a member of the Wilderness Medical Society.

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