The ALS Institute

The ALS Institute

A Brief History...

The Advanced Life Support Institute (ALSI) was founded in 1989 as a division of SOLO, a school long recognized as the leader in wilderness medical training. Due to SOLO's continued growth in wilderness medicine and ALSI's success and growth in the area of advanced prehospital education, ALSI incorporated as a separate non-profit institution in 1996. ALSI and SOLO maintain close ties as well as the same education philosophy and student-centered approach.

Mission Statement

The Advanced Life Support Institute is committed to the promotion of excellence in all aspects of out-of-hospital health care systems.

Philosophy of Education

We offer our students a learning environment filled with "problem-solving" and "systems-thinking" in order to ensure a strong base on which to build. Our emphasis on anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology provides ALSI students with the tools to address advanced pre-hospital medicine both today and in the future.

Our programs exceed all DOT National Curriculum objectives and include optional skills adopted by many states. The ALS Institute believes that good Advanced Life Support begins first and foremost with good Basic Life Support.

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