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Modular One-Day-A-Week Accelerated
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Paramedic Program Philosophy

As the healthcare field grows, faces changes, and makes advances, so do our programs at the ALS Institute. The traditional role of paramedics as critical care providers practicing in a "street medicine" setting is being challenged. A number of healthcare systems in our country have embraced the utilization of paramedics in nontraditional roles and settings. The ALS Institute's candidates will be trained not only to provide emergency care in the street and wilderness settings, but also to provide "primary care" for patients at home, in clinics or private practices, and in the hospital.

Course Curriculum and Unique Format

At ALSI we recognize that many of our paramedic students are practicing members of the Emergency Medical Services community either in career or volunteer roles, along with part and full-time job commitments and family and home responsibilities. Taking this into consideration, we have designed our programs with three unique formats - modular, weekly, and accelerated programs!

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